Micro hydro turbine generator unit

Generally, the installed capacity of the micro-hydraulic turbine and generator unit is unit is below 100kw, It is suitable for developing mini and micro-hydropower resources and with the following salient features:
(1) Micro-capacity: it is appropriate for scattered constructing and utilizing, especially for electric power Consumers of small load in mountainous and terrace areas;
(2) Economizing investment: only small amount of one Time investment is needed, therefore, it is convenient; for self-construction, self-management and self-utilization
(3) Short construction period: it can be constructed and Put into operation in period;
(4) Appropriate technology: it is easy to install, operate and maintain due to simple structure and a few component of the unit;
(5) Product striation: it is with the characteristics of good performance, longevity of service, few wear out parts and Easy to replace.

At present, SUNTC can supply various types of micro-hydraulic turbine and generator units to satisfy the demand from electric power consumers in small load areas.
Clients can select the suitable type of the micro-hydraulic turbine and water head and making reference to the following selection lists for the micro-hydraulic turbine and generator unit.

Brief introduction of turbine-generator structure
1. The turbine
(1) Low head and horizontal tubular turbine:
The water enters into the runner through the fixed guide vane. The turbine can be directly connected with the generator by using the flexible coupling, or can be directly used to drive other equipment by esing the belt pulley.
(2) High head and vertical Turgo turbine:
The turbine and the generator are directly connected and integrated into a whole unit. The nozzle needle is arranged at the inlet of turbine to regulate the flow rate.

2. The generator
Three-phase AC synchronous generator is employed

3. Comprehensive control panel
This control panel is supplied with the turbine-generator unit with the capacity between 8- 100KW to control the unit automatically, Such functions as acquisition and display of technical parameters, control of voltage and frequency, synchronization operation, protection of over speed, overvoltage, short circuit and backup are integrated into this control panel. After the unit being started, this control panel can automatically monitor the load fluctuation, maintain the load balancing and keep stable voltage and Frequency of the unit, so as to ensure smooth operation of the unit.

Since the generator is installed inside the pipe. The pipeline mounted turbine –generator unit is with the characteristics of easy erection, without housing and no danger of submergence in flood. It includes the runner, distributor and tailrace etc and is suitable for application in places of low head and large flow rate; its capacity is between 0.8-3KW.

The runner of Turgo turbine with single Nozzle consists of outer ring, inner ring and Blades. The Turgo turbine with single nozzle Is appropriate for connection with the Generators with the capacity below 3KW.

The runner of Turgo turbine with double nozzle consists of outer ring , inner ring and blades. The Turgo turbine with double nozzle is appropriate for connection with the Generators with the capacity above 3KW.

With the salient features of compact size, light weight, simple structure, reliable operation and easy installation and utilization, Turgo turbine connected with three-phase Permanent magnet AC synchronous generator with the capacity between 6KW amd 30KW is most suitable for generating electric power for small load consumers in mountainous areas, and appropriate for individuals to purchase, install, manage and use.

The tubular turbine with extended shaft consists of the flume, runner, distributor and tailrace etc. it is appropriate for application in places of low head and large flowrate. Its capacity is between 0.8KW and 3KW.

The vertical shaft micro-hydraulic turbine and generator unit is assembled with vertical shaft turbine and permanent magnet synchronous generator. The turbine will be installed into volute chamber at the site. With the characteristics of compact structure. Attractive appearance, small size, light weight, high efficiency, without excitation device and casing made from cast iron, it is with wide applicability and reliably-operational capability, and easy to install, maintain and use.

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