Micro-grid system

Micro-grid system is a small power distribution system including the generating system, multiple distributed power, energy storage systems, controllers, inverters, related load and associated monitoring, protection devices. It is an autonomous system which can be self-control, protection and management, either connected with an external power grid for operation or isolated operation. It enjoys with high controllability, intelligent dynamic response to load changes in demand that will be the future development trend of the power grid. Common micro-grid systems have wind-light storage, oil-light storage, water-light storage and other types of storage, which are often used in a small area and remote islands.

SUNTC microgrid solution inclues local controllers of wind power, photovoltaic, micro hydro, biomass energy, energy storage and gas or diesel generation and central control system. It monitors, controls, protects, manages and optimizes the grid to ensure the stability, reliability and economics of electricity energy supply. Our micro grid solution has been delivered in various projects including isolated islands, commercial communities and industrial parks.