Hydraulic generator

Hydraulic generator is driven by hydro turbine, it equips with water turbine of concussion type, inclination type, mixing-flowing type and bearing-flowing type, and its installation structure is decided by model of water turbine. Small capability hydraulic generator can supply power by a single machine solely; also it can supply power to near rural areas by combining many machines into electricity net, middle and large water-wheel generator combine with large electricity net. As water-wheel generator starts quickly, start and stop quickly, operation adjustment is relatively agile, so besides bearing load it is usually used to adjust peak and phase or as spare power for accident in power system.

Main traits of hydraulic generator is it has relatively big flywheel moment GD2 and relatively high structural strength to bear extremely high rotate speed times, common rotate speed of middle-and-small-scale water-wheel generator is 1.6 times to 2.4 times of rated rotate speed. Water-wheel generator produced in our company accords with national standard manufacture of China as well as international IEC34-1; it can combine with various types of water turbine.

1. Rated voltage and frequency
Rated frequency is rated voltage of 50Hz hydraulic generator, high pressure is 6300V or 10500V, low pressure is 400V. Generator used to 60Hz area is generally 4106V and 480V and also can be designed and made according to customer’s special requirement.
2. Factor of rated power
Factor of rated power of water-wheel generator is 0.8 or 0.9.
3. Insulation grade
Insulation grade of generator stator and rotor is B/B grade, B/F grade or F/F grade.
4. Mode of aeration cooling
Mode of aeration cooling of generator adopts starting aeration cooling, pipe aeration cooling or close circulation aeration cooling according to capability of electrical machinery and customer’s requirement.
5. Linkage and lubrication mode
990 base and under unit adopt direct elastic connector to link, generally use rolling bearing. Generator above 990 base usually uses rigidity linkage and oil lubricant bearing, usually self-circulation oil lubricant bearing has oil cooler. Using vertical generator with sliding bearing, equip arrester and oil-pressure carry fitting under generator rotor.
6. Stator and bearing temperature-measure
Trough of generator stator above 800KW have imbedding heat-resistance, temperature-measure resistance uses Pt100 platinum heat-resistance or Cu50 copper heat-resistance. Sliding bearing equips with double upper pole quantity signal thermometer or resistance thermometer, which will be joint to temperature controller and check fitting.
7. Excitation mode of electrical machinery
Generator can equip with different excitation mode according to customer’s requirement, common 990 bases and under generator use double-unit resistance distributary or brushless excitation mode, generator above 990 base adopts static silicon control excitation.