Compact Vertical Shaft Pelton turbine generator unit

The compact vertical shaft Pelton turbine generator unit is our factory latest new product, it is suitable for high head small flow rate hydropower site with good hydraulic performance, compact structure and convenient installation. The generator is placed above the water turbine casing, which greatly reduces the axial length of the horizontal shaft type Pelton turbine. Turbine adopts DC nozzle and improves the efficiency of about 2%, at the same time the multiple nozzle layout can be also used to improve the turbine speed, reduce the runner diameter and reduce the power plant investment cost. Compared with the traditional horizontal single spray nozzle Pelton turbine, the annual generating capacity can be increased by 15-20%, as the connection pipes and case are embedded in concrete, the turbine running noise is little and the power plant is also artistic. Compared with the small horizontal shaft Pelton turbine, it has obvious advantages. The maximum unit output capacity could be 2000kW. Welcome to inquiry with your detail site condition.

compact-vertical-pelton-turbine-2vertical-pelton-turbine-generator-unitvertical-type-pelton-turbine-generator-unit-2 vertical-type-pelton-turbine-generator-unit