Compact Bulb type Tubular turbine generator unit

The compact Bulb type Tubular turbine generator unit is our latest product and is a type of excellent hydraulic performance, compact structure, convenient installation, low maintenance cost which is suitable for a large flow at low head hydropower site. Its generator is in the port within the bubble head, and the water of its stator direct cooling efficiently, which can make low motor temperature rise and long service life. At the same time comparing with the traditional axis and penetration of the water turbine small civil engineering quantity, and low investment costs. The units of the same capacity, compact bulb tubular turbine generator unit. Unit flow large diameter can be reduced by 10-15%, the unit high speed can be improved by 20%, the flow flat efficiency can be improved by 2%-3%, the coaxial synchronous straight league efficiency can be also improved 2%-3% than using the speed increaser to connect indirectly, and compared with the vertical and horizontal generator unit in the same water condition. The annual generating capacity can be improved by 20%-30%. Adopting this model can achieve low investment cost (reducing the construction cost) and remarkable benefit effect, so it will gradually replace the small vertical and horizontal shaft S type Tubular turbine.