November 2016

World Small Hydropower Development Report 2016

The globally installed SHP capacity is estimated at 78 GW in 2016, an increase of approximately 4 per cent compared to data from WSHPDR 2013. The total estimated SHP potential has also increased since publishing WSHPDR 2013 to 217 GW, an increase of over 24 per cent. Overall, approximately 36 per cent of the total [...]

Micro hydro power system (below 100kW)

Micro hydro turbine generator unit Generally, the installed capacity of the micro-hydraulic turbine and generator unit is unit is below 100kw, It is suitable for developing mini and micro-hydropower resources and with the following salient features: (1) Micro-capacity: it is appropriate for scattered constructing and utilizing, especially for electric power Consumers of small load in [...]